earn cash whenever you want
work with your fave brands
get gifted products
add big brand names to your CV

how does it work

  1. Fill out your application in 2 mins
  2. Once you're approved, choose the missions you want to complete
  3. Show us your completed missions
  4. get rewarded!

here's what you can
do in return for cash...

  • Complete super quick surveys
  • Post IG stories
  • Create TikTok videos
  • Work with your fave brands
  • Become our next student presenter
+ so many more opportunities!

got what it takes?

We're not interested in influencers with thousands of followers, we're looking to engage (and reward) our incredible, authentic student community...

role models

Role Models

In a world of filters and fakeness you set a positive standard and keep it real.

savy spenders

Savvy Spenders

You love a bargain and know how to get the most out of anything you set your mind to.



No one can compare and you know it: there's only one of you and you celebrate your perfect self.



You have your finger on the social media pulse and you know what's hot before it's even here.

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